It’s that time of year where you’re ready for a new setting.

But maybe your budget isn’t allowing you to make the construction efforts you need just yet – and that’s okay! We’ve got a few great tips for you that can help you update your look without any major renovation propositions.

• Give the illusion of open space! It may feel impossible if you’re stuck in the same layout, but there are simple ways to get around that. Try getting rid of your bulkier furniture, or rearranging it with more open placement.

• Paint your decor! Light colors like whites, pale greys, or warmer off-whites can help bigger, bulky pieces blend into your walls a little bit better. Mirrors seem to have this affect as well, letting more light reflect into the room.

• New lighting can make a huge difference – having old yellow bulbs in older fixtures can make a room feel a lot smaller because there is so much less being lit up! Illuminate the room with taller light fixtures in the darkest parts of your office. You can even update your fans/light fixtures in the ceiling to give a refresher.

• Window treatments! There are so many trendy patterns today that are much more mild than 20 years ago. Use blend-able colors and patterns to make the most out of the area bringing in the light. It’s easy to find styles that will fit in with color schemes you already have going, but think light and less!

• Wallpaper has come back, but better this time! Most wallpaper now days is a convenient option for those looking to get a different look out of a wall or two in any room. Easy stick and peel (and PEEL OFF!) choices are great for those who aren’t looking to make a fully dedicated commitment to a new wall color, but who are looking for something new.

Maybe you don’t need any of this! If this list is still a little off your radar, you should probably start small like a deep clean/getting rid of all the things you’re tired of looking at. Find new ways to re-purpose items you have or recycle items that leave you feeling hopeless. A little bit of paint and cleaning can take you a long way!