Let’s get real – your office probably has some dull, old fixtures that you are sick of looking at.

Honestly, it’s too easy to let little things like doorknobs and trim styles slip through your mind. How many times per day do you pass those cabinets you were going to replace the hardware on, and then you were going to get new paint for the walls, and then…….

We all make the lists we never seem have time to get to, but we say GO FOR IT! JUST DO IT! GET IT DONE WITH!
We think you’ll agree when you see the results. Taking little steps is okay, and so is going slowly (as long as you never stop!)

In a place like a commercial office, there are simple ways to update how things look without putting days and weeks of work into it:

  • Peel-and-stick wall panels or wall paper to make changing things up simple
  • New counter tops – they’ve got faux granite paint kits nowadays if you’re not ready to replace yet
  • A new backsplash with modern colors and shapes
  • New fixtures and hardware like door handles, locks, cabinet handles, etc.
  • Commercial mats or stain-resistant rugs, particularly helpful with high-traffic areas
  • Update light switches to help your electricity efficiency
  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________

These are just some simple suggestions if you’re not quite ready for a full makeover. These options can help modernize and update your home to feel a little bit more comfortable for you and your guests.