As a highly-skilled construction team, we thought it would only be right to offer Memphis our water and fire damage restoration services. Accidents happen and they damage commercial buildings quickly – some things simply aren’t preventable. Morris General is here to offer you both a way to rid your property of the damage that has been done, and a way to restore it back to the condition it was in before any damage occurred. Since we’re also a local construction crew, we can offer the best turn-around times, individual attention, and attention to detail to our clients. During a crisis you build a relationship with a client, and once the relationship is built, it’s hard to say yes to another company.


Morris makes it so you don’t have to – it’s a one stop shop. You can even make the choice to upgrade during the process.

If you’re interested in restoration services in the Memphis/West Memphis area, please contact Morris General Construction at 901.402.8123.