Have you ever been talking to your construction guy or someone on the crew and they said something like “survey” or “drywall” and you just had no idea what they could be talking about? Often, that’s why we hire professionals. Obviously there are safety concerns about doing ones own construction, however, it’s a smart move to educate yourself on basic terminology if you’re going to hire someone to work on one of the biggest investments of your life – your home.

Did you know that “surveying the property” doesn’t mean that people are going door to door giving fun magazine quizzes – it means they’re checking out how much land and what kind of land you have to work with. Don’t worry, and don’t get discouraged. Just take a few extra minutes to go through some basic construction terms – here’s a great link to do just that – and figure out exactly what you’re looking to have done in your home. Once you’re comfortable enough with understanding what your home needs in order to achieve the looks you’re going for, you’ll feel much more comfortable about your project.

Surveyor equipment optical level or theodolite at construction site