Have you ever wondered what a General Contractor actually does?

Well, we wear many hats! Here’s a look into some of the tasks we complete when we’re working with you:

  • We make sure you’re getting what you need from the architect. Are they following through with the ideas you had in mind? Any problems that may come up during this process can typically easily be eliminated with a bit of communication between contractor and architect.
  • Permits, permits, permits. In construction, there are tons of permits that are constantly having to be pulled from here and there. A solid general contractor will know exactly where to get these permits and when regarding the timeline of your project so that there are no delays.
  • Who has the best bid? Now, we’re obviously always looking for a good deal for the homeowner, but just know that we’re also not going to offer you less than what you deserve quality-wise. We evaluate other subcontractors and see who has the skills, time, and any other connections to give you the best turnaround time with the best quality.
  • Management. We’re the boss, in most aspects. We make sure all tasks are being completely carried out and there are no half-finished pieces of any projects left. We make sure the workers are doing their jobs and are on time/schedule with what we’ve spent planning from the very beginning.

Overall, we make sure your project is going the right way and that you, the homeowner, are fully satisfied.