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As a highly-skilled construction team, we thought it would only be right to offer Memphis our water and fire damage restoration services. Accidents happen and they damage commercial buildings quickly – some things simply aren’t preventable. Morris General is here to offer you both a way to rid your property of the damage that has

Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s time to update, but other times…you just know. Maybe you’ve owned the place a while, or you’ve recently taken ownership of a new-to-you storefront. Are you really appealing to the target customer you’re wishing to draw in? First impressions are everything and you already know that. What are

Let’s get real – your home probably has some dull, old fixtures that you are sick of looking at. Honestly, it’s too easy to let little things like doorknobs and trim styles slip through your mind. How many times per day do you pass those cabinets you’ve been meaning to stain forever, and then you

Unfortunately, nature waits for no one. Natural disasters have been wreaking havoc on the United States and more recently, making it seem impossible for anyone in the affected areas to get through daily life without the added stress of knowing their home is under water or damaged badly due to fire. And we know as

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “general contractor”, but have you ever gotten an explanation as to what that really entails? As a general contractor, there are basic roles we play in getting your construction project off the ground without any snags! First, the design phase has to be completed. Once there are full design

Have you ever been curious about hiring a general contractor to help with a home addition? Home additions are a great idea and the perfect way to increase your home value as well as your own personal comfort! Ideas can range from a simple expansion to your kitchen to a detached guest home, depending on

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Update? Honestly, I don’t think there’s a single tell-tale sign that helps you know, but more of a combination of thoughts and feelings and passive-aggressive jokes from guests in your home.  I’m sure you all know someone with the dark panneling, shag carpet, and wild-colored cabinets still

Have you ever been talking to your construction guy or someone on the crew and they said something like “survey” or “drywall” and you just had no idea what they could be talking about? Often, that’s why we hire professionals. Obviously there are safety concerns about doing ones own construction, however, it’s a smart move

If you’re keen to looking in the newest magazine for design inspiration, you’ll have seen how crisp, clean, and straight things are looking for 2017. Embracing modern tones, slick edges, and metallic accents are very “in” right now. We found a great article with photo inspiration of the most popular remodeling trends of 2017 (and

Is it time to update your facility? Sometimes it’s easy to see when a home needs updated due to the daily use and everyday wear and tear most homes see. However it’s easy to look past those features within a business or commercial facility and it’s crucial to keep your business updated with the latest