Although communication and clarity should be the number one priority in construction development, some details can still be overlooked. Here are a few tips on what to communicate with all of the members on your development team:

  • Only enter into a contract with all project criteria included. Clarity is necessary and not to be looked over. This should include schedules, inspections, project drawings, close-out procedures, time lines, materials, and other specifications.
  • Establish payment milestones that are equal or similar to the amount of work in progress.
  • If a disagreement arises during development, stay calm. Set aside a time to meet with the contractor and go over the problem. Be sure to listen to the contractor, and request that they do the same for you.
  • When discussing bid prices, remember that the lowest bid is not always the best. Do your research and see who provides the quality work you’re looking for with a fair price.
  • Schedule progress meetings. Keeping everyone informed is the only way to advance smoothly.

Most of all, take the full time necessary to thoroughly discuss this new development with all necessary team members. Advancing too quickly into a new contract could really damage your company financially and create a negative situation. Even though you can never guarantee a smooth construction development, following these communication tips should help guide you towards that goal.